Lori KollmanLori Kollman is an accomplished graphic designer and artist living in Glenwood Springs, CO with her husband and two children.  She recently moved to “No Name” just east of Glenwood Springs and has set up her design studio along the banks of the Colorado river in the beautiful Glenwood Canyon.  At No Name Creations, her specialties are stained glass work, quilting, knitting, sewing and a wide variety of craft projects that draw inspiration from the natural world around her.

While Lori makes a variety of items, stained glass has become her passion and she enjoys creating intimate small pieces for the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere in the home.  She also creates larger commissions for partial or entire windows, that have been popular additions in mountain cabins or a center piece for any home.  If you can dream it, Lori can create you a one of a kind custom piece that will be a true center piece.

Lori can be reached at No Name Creations via email. ldkollman@nonamecreations.com If you just have questions, found a piece you would like, or have something special in mind, feel free to contact her.

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